About Us

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Fitness Craze! Our journey began in 2014 as full time designers on the freelance markets,when we first started selling our designs online. It wasn’t until 2017 that we formalized the brand and moved to our own Website. Since then, we’ve been able to ship out over hundreds of orders and over thousands of items! It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for awesome people like you. 

Why do we do what we do? Being the apparel designers we saw a need in the market for a FUN brand that was REAL. We are snarky and like to have fun. All other brands are too scared to have fun. Not us. We have so much FUN coming up with awesome designs. Our goal is to create awesome products that will leave you and your friends laughing and tagging each other on Social Media. If you think you’re just as funny as we are, email us! We would love to hear about your idea for a design. 

While 90% of Fitness Craze is focused on Seasonal/fun/snarky/drinking designs,

We can be reached via email at info.fitnesscraze@gmail.com or on our Facebook Page below. 

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