Do you believe in the power of your subconscious mind? Have you ever thought that wearing something that makes you feel healthier can change your habits and lead to a healthier lifestyle? If not, maybe it’ll be worth thinking about. …

It has been shown in Victoria University’s recent study that activewear is more beneficial to our health than average clothing. The research found that women who put on exercise gear – regardless of whether or not they plan to exercise or are involved in sport – are more encouraged to do beneficial physical activity.

With workout clothing nowadays being wardrobe staple for both fitness enthusiasts and style-conscious fashionistas, it’s proper to know all the pros of wearing the right exercise clothes inside and outside of the gym.

Comfort Matters the Most

Do you remember when we talked about choosing the right workout leggings before? The main conclusion of that post was that you just need to find a comfortable, well fitted pair of leg wear that will allow you a freedom of movement and prevent skin irritation. It’s pretty much the same for other exercise clothes. Loose activewear may catch on equipment, overly tight one may restrict your range of motion.

Firm support

The workout clothes are made to add support and make exercising a bit more comfortable. Only ladies will get this one – a well-fitted sports bra is a must have if you’re planning on doing high-impact exercises. But nothing gives a great support for your legs as the old good leggings. And if they are uniquely printed and versatile at the same time, you have a win-win situation when it comes to the gym and the brunch time after that.

Moisture Control

We all get super sweaty sometimes when we train. The cotton absorbs sweat easily and retains moisture leaving you feeling wet, heavy and clingy. On the other hand, the sweat-wicking ability of the light, breathable, special exercise clothing will keep you 100% dry. The excess moisture diminishes from your skin, leaving your body feeling fresh, dry and comfortable both throughout your most intense workout sessions and post-workout. Not only that, these help you stay cooler in the heat of summer and warmer during winter. Should we mention what fabric you should consider wearing next time when you head outside the gym, the weather is hot, and you have to run errands around town?

Improves blood circulation and post-recovery

It’s simple biology: while you’re revving up your calorie burn, the blood pumps oxygen to the muscles, lactic acid builds up as a by-product – that’s how our body works, often causing pain, fatigue and cramping. Thanks to the benefits of workout clothing the blood flow is stimulated and therefore lactic-acid build up is reduced. Activewear may assist in improving performance and muscle recovery.

This is especially practical if you prefer wearing the same workout garments that are super stylish during your regular everyday activities as well, as you may not only prevent alleviate injuries associated with sudden, uncontrolled movements, but reduce the stiffness and strength loss you get 24 to 72 hours after the workout, decrease the general body soreness – and speed up your recovery time!